BCNE is pleased to offer Bulgarian classes for adults again this fall, starting on October 13, 2018 and will continue through end of April 2019, at the Bulgarian School at 411 Waverley Oaks in Waltham, MA.
Beginner Bulgarian for Busy Adults: Saturdays, starting October 13, 3:00-4:20 pm.  (Group 1)
This is an introductory practice course in Bulgarian as a foreign language. We understand that as busy adults, our students’ time for homework and practice outside of class is limited. In this 80-minute course we will start from the basics and will practice together as we strengthen students’ knowledge of the alphabet and get comfortable with using every-day phrases. Our hope is that at the end of the semester students will be able to read and write in the Cyrillic alphabet, to introduce themselves and other people; to speak about themselves and their environment. Suggested practice at home: between 2 and 6 hours weekly.
Advanced Beginner Bulgarian for adults: Saturdays, starting October 13, 4:30 -5:50 pm. (Group 2)
This is an advanced beginner practice course in Bulgarian as a foreign language. Prerequisite: at least one Beginners Bulgarian class or equivalent knowledge – fluency in reading and writing in the Cyrillic alphabet, greetings and introductions, grasp of present and future tense verbs and their conjugations. At the end of the semester, students will be able to speak about themselves and their environment, ask questions and provide information about people, objects and places, and talk about their daily activities and their interests in the past, present, and future tense. We suggest between 2 and 6 hours of homework for this class weekly.
Classes will be held each Saturday excluding the long weekends according to the following tentative schedule (22 classes):
Tuition for 2018-2019 course (22 classes) is $520.  
BCNE members* receive a membership discount and tuition is $450 (paid membership receipt must be provided first day of class). Tuition is payable by check to BCNE on October 13, 2018.
*Individual annual membership $50; Family annual membership $75. Membership payment could be done first day of class by filling out a Membership Form in class and providing a check or online at
 **All contributions from membership as well as the course go towards the capital campaign raising funds for a home of the Bulgarian community. 

Individual annual membership: $50

Family annual membership: $75

*All contributions from the class, after expenses, go towards the capital campaign raising funds towards a home for the Bulgarian community. 


Tentative Course Schedule (22 classes): 

October November December January February March April
10/13/2018 First class 11/03/2018 12/01/2018 1/05/2019 2/02/2019 3/02/2019 4/06/2019
10/20/2018 11/10/2016 12/08/2018 1/12/2019 2/09/2019 3/16/2019 4/20/2019
10/27/2018 11/17/2016 12/15/2018 1/26/2019 2/23/2019 3/23/2019 4/27/2019
3/30/2019 5/4/2019 Last class celebration

To sign up for a class please email us at no later than October 10, 2018. We need an active e-mail, phone number, first/last name and level of class preference. It would be great if you could share with us a few words about your interest in the language, whether you have already learned a bit and to what level, what your expectation of the class is. This will help us place you in the proper class and to adjust the topics to the groups’ needs. We do allow students in the basic group to stay for the second class without additional charge if they feel that their level is slightly above basic. This is important, even if you have spoken to us before!

Textbooks for both classes:
1) Здравейте! Учебник по български език за чужденци А1 – А2, published by New Bulgarian University.
A limited number of textbooks will be available for purchase from the instructor at the first day of class. Or, you can order it here from Bulgaria.
Please order your book as soon as possible to allow enough time for international shipping (about two weeks).  We will arrange for materials for the first several classes until textbooks arrive.
2) Grammar Matters: Bulgarian Grammar in Charts – this is a guide with great explanation of grammatical rules in English. (Order from Amazon here.) All other materials will be provided by the instructor.


The Bulgarian courses for adults are organized by BCNE to serve the Bulgarian community and its friends in New England and is open to all interested individuals, no matter your level! BCNE Members* receive a tuition discount. Please renew your membership for 2018 before beginning of the class; membership is $50 for individual and $75 for family and it could be paid online at Your membership receipt must be brought to the first class.

*Members experiencing financial hardship might be eligible for a modest additional discount on a case by case basis. Please keep in mind that this class is provided as a fundraising initiative and contributions are donated towards BCNE capital campaign. 

Please note that there is an enrollment cap so register as soon as possible at

We hope you join us this fall in exploring the Bulgarian language and culture!

Nadia, Inna, Rumi


About the instructors


Nadia Marcheva Ullman is currently a full-time mom to two children at the Bulgarian School and looks forward to teaching another year of Bulgarian to grown ups of all ages.
Nadia’s professional background is in government: she served as a Senior Policy Advisor to Framingham’s first Mayor, Yvonne Spicer, and was one of the first (if not the first) Bulgarian immigrant to be elected to Town Meeting in the state of Massachusetts. She holds a master’s degree from Harvard University’s Extension School with a concentration in government and a bachelor’s in applied linguistics from South-West University of Bulgaria. Nadia enjoys serving the extended Bulgarian community by teaching her native language.

Inna Ivers is a new teacher this year. She comes to the Bulgarian school with over a decade of experience in teaching bibliographic instruction and IT at various libraries and library systems in Bulgaria and Massachusetts. She is currently the IT Director of a busy public library in Metro-Boston. Inna has been a member of the BCNE Board of Directors since 2016. She is excited to support her Bulgarian and American communities in teaching her native language.


Rumis photoRumi Pavlova will continue to lead the administrative work of the classes but will not be teaching this year.  Rumi is an experienced teacher who has taught children and adults at the Bulgarian school in Boston since 2010 and as of 2016, English as a second language. Prior to moving to the USA in 2002, Rumi studied education and taught Bulgarian in elementary school. She holds an MBA in finance and international business from Clark University, Worcester MA and a BA in management and community development. Rumi has more than 15 years of professional experience in the private and public sector, including among other things, education. Currently, she is a Policy Director at the Executive Office of Health and Human Services at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Rumi is one of the co-founders of BCNE and is a member of the Board of Directors. She is passionate about sharing her Bulgarian heritage and language with cross-cultural families and the friends of the Bulgarian community.



***English below the Bulgarian text***

През 2018 БЦНА се радва да ви предложи Пролетна серия от семинари: Динамичните дискусии ще са представени от експерти, които могат да отговорят на много въпроси по темите, предложени от нашите членове. За записване вижте активния RSVP линк в таблицата по-долу или ни пишете на Кафе/чай и лека почерпка ще бъдат предложени в зависимост от интереса, за това предварителното записване е важно.

Входа за семинарите е свободен. Ще се радваме, ако поканите вашите приятели, семействa и познати.  Семинарите ще са на английски, за да са полезни на по-широка аудитория, но ще има и български превод в зависимост от нуждата на присъстващите. Ще сме благодарни на дарения, но не се изисква заплащане за записване. Сърдечно ви благодарим!


BCNE is pleased to offer the Spring  Lecture Series: Interactive workshops led by experienced speakers, experts in their field who can answer questions on various topics requested by many of our members. Please find the calendar below and an RSVP link for each date. Please make sure you follow the active RSVP link for each separate seminar in the table. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the link, please email us at Coffee/tea and light snack might be available based on attendance so please don’t forget to RSVP.

The seminars are free and open to all. Please share with family, friends and individuals outside of the Bulgarian community. All seminars will be in English in order to serve a wider audience, but Bulgarian translation will be available as well. Personal donations are encouraged, but not required. Thank you!

Address: Bulgarian School @ 411 Waverley Oaks in Waltham, MA (building of Chinese Cultural Center, second row of business buildings right next to Waverley Athletic center), except for College Financial Planning: Thursday 3/22/18 at 6:30pm: Waltham Public Library @ 735 Main St, Waltham, MA 02451

Topic: Individual and small business taxes & change since the recent tax law

Presenter: Victor Vassilev
In Need Solutions LLC is a provider of business and tax consulting services, financial and investment advice.

Presentation link:

Thank you all for your donations and a great turn out!

Topic: Real estate purchase, first time home buyers, and new tax law implications

Presenter: David Flashenburg Represents individuals and businesses in litigation and transactional matters in the areas of Real Estate, Family Law, Business Law, and Immigration.

Location: BG School Main Hall 411 Waverley Oaks Rd, Waltham MA

Lecture Date: March 10, 2018 3:00-5:00 pm

Violeta Koleva, Legal Edge Real Estate at

Brad Avergon, Senior Loan Officer, Loan Depot

RSVP required by: Записване до 3/06/2018 RSVP Here or email us at

Please be on time as we will start right at 3 pm and need to leave the room at 5 pm.


Thanks to everyone who registered for this seminar! We have reached the maximum available spots and registration is now closed.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing those who registered tomorrow!


Topic: Planning, Preparation and Applying to college (most appropriate for parents & children in Upper Middle & High School)

This session is most appropriate for parents  and children in upper middle and especially useful for parents and students in high school. The dynamic discussion will start with a presentation about the overall admission process followed by a panel with students who are applying now or have recently been accepted in some of the top universities in the area.


  • Milena Mareva Associate Director of Admissions, Wellesley College

Followed by panel discussion of recently accepted college students and their parents:

  • Nevyana Todorova, студентка втори курс, Northeastern University
  • Ralina Karagenova, студентка трети курс, Boston University (BU)
  • Damian Barabonkov, студент втори курс, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Rositsa Mihaleva, приета в Worcester Polytech Institute (WPI) (очаква отговори и от други университети)
  • Mariya Shtiliyanova, приета в Harvard University (очаква отговори и от други университети)

The open discussion will cover questions like:

  • What would be helpful during the high-school and/or middle school years?
  • What kind of exams are upcoming in high-school
  • What was most helpful to students during their high-school years?
  • What was most helpful to parents as they were trying to navigate through the process?

Location: BG School Small Mirror hall (back and left) 411 Waverley Oaks Rd, Waltham MA

Lecture Date: March 17, 2018 3:30-5:30 pm

RSVP required by: Записване до 3/15/2018 RSVP Here or email us at

Topic: Financial Planning & College Aid Saving strategies (most appropriate for parents & children in Upper Middle & High School)

Presenter: Donald Anderson Highly informative session on how to lower the cost of college and maximize Financial Aid options.

Highly informative session on how to lower the cost of college and maximize savings + Financial Aid options.

Location: Waltham Public Library
735 Main St, Waltham, MA 02451

Lecture Date: March 22, 2018 6:30-8:30 pm

RSVP required by: Записване до 3/19/2018 RSVP Here or email us at

Topic: Immigration, family sponsored permanent residency, and obtaining citizenship status

Presenter: David Flashenburg Represents individuals and businesses in litigation and transactional matters in the areas of Real Estate, Family Law, Business Law, and Immigration.

Location: BG School Main Hall 411 Waverley Oaks Rd, Waltham MA

Lecture Date: March 31, 2018 3:30-5:30 pm

RSVP required by: Записване до 3/27/2018 RSVP Here or email us at

Topic: PSAT, SAT, ACT and test structure (most appropriate for parents & children in High School)

Presenter: Svetlozar Enev

Test Preparation for college, strategies for taking tests

Location: BG School 411 Waverley Oaks Rd, Waltham MA

Lecture Date: April 7, 2018 5:00-6:00 pm

RSVP required by: Записване до 4/03/2018, RSVP Here or email us at