The idea of founding a Bulgarian Center in Boston area similar to the community centers built by other ethnic groups has been discussed for many years but it reached its tipping point in the summer of 2012.  In September 2012 a group of supporters met and envisioned the new community focal point, where all Bulgarians and fans of the Bulgarian culture living and visiting New England, would feel a little bit more “at home”.

The Bulgarian Center of New England (BCNE) was registered in January 2013 as a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to unite people of Bulgarian origin or with an interest in the country’s culture. The Bulgarian Center is to be located in Greater Boston. It will host the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church “St. Petka,” the Bulgarian School “Sv. sv. Kiril i Methodii,” the Bulgarian-American Cultural Center “Madara” as well as various cultural, artistic, educational and entertainment events.

The steering committee behind the project includes: David Flashenburg, David and Radostina Rhein, Dragomir Dimov, George Demirev, Krassimir Marchev, Nevenna Stoynova, Rossen Dimitrov, Roy Freed, Protorey Rumen Pelovsky, Rumi Pavlova, Sevdalena Lazarova, Violeta Zheliazkova.

The Center received its 501(c)(3) registration with IRS in September 2013. See the approval letter from IRS. Donations to the Center are tax exempt.

Our dream for a building

The Bulgarian Center will offer a variety of services and opportunities for its members and guests:

  • Educational events and programs
  • Weddings, birthday parties and sports events planning
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Business events and networking opportunities
  • Clubs and classes of interest– yoga, pilates, zumba, cooking, etc.
  • A café
  • Childcare services and a library with Bulgarian literature and movies