2014 Events and Financial Results

Dear friends,

Thanks to all your support, the efforts, persistence and creativity of our team and the help of organizations and sponsors supporting us, we are happy to share 2014 restults.

There were a few events last year that we either took the lead in organizing, or supported. The biggest event in terms of organizing efforts and funds raised was the second Art Auction that took place on 11/09. We also began offering other types of events, such as courses in Bulgarian as a foreign language, as well as First Time Home Buyer Seminar. These initiatives not only brought revenue to the Center, but also helped establish our organization as a focal point of the Bulgarian community.We started 2014 with $36,312.79 in our Citizens bank and Pay Pall accounts. We raised $13,739.68; total funds available at the end of 2014 are $50,052.47.

2014 wasn’t as strong as 2013 in terms of raised funds. The main challenge that we face is scarcity of resources to plan and organize events; however, we are committed to continuing our efforts to achieve our goal.

We’ll continue to rely on your support, which could be in the form of a donation, becoming a member, participation in organizing and attending events. Your help matters and we are certain that we’ll continue to receive it.

We wish you a very happy and successful 2015!

The BCNE Team