Bulgarian paliamentary elections news coverage

The Bulgarian Center of New England is thankful to the volunteers of the Election Committee, organized by Nadya Stoyanova and chaired by Michael Rashkov, for the smooth and organized election process while observing all pandemic measures. We are happy to have received some excellent election coverage from the Bulgarian national media:

BNT (Bulgarian National Television): 6 PM News – Partial video of Viki Anastasia and Andrey Zahariev @ 28:00 min

BNT (Bulgarian National Television) – Full video of Viki Anastasia and Andrey Zahariev

Eurocom TV – Newshour @ 4:44 min – Video from Boston with Nadia Ullman

Darik Radio – live interview at 10 am EST – Link and picture on their website with Nadia Ullman

BNT (Bulgarian National Television) – End of day coverage with photos.