BCNE is grateful to Dentitza Batheja for the leadership and tireless work and for the chance for the Bulgarian community to be represented at this year’s festival in Washington DC. Thank you, Denitza! Here is Dentitza in her own words:

I am deeply honored to have had the opportunity to organize the Bulgarian Performance at the #worldculturefestival2023. The efforts of #artoflivingusa and all its volunteers were incredible. Special gratitude to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for creating this platform where cultures and passions come together. ❤️

Over 250 Bulgarians came together, joining hands on stage, creating an enchanting spectacle that resonated with the hearts of many.

Our journey began 9 months ago, punctuated with numerous meetings, revisions to the music and choreography and countless rehearsals by the teams. We kept making changes to the music and choreography up until last minute and even then we were not sure how we will pull off together without an all in-person rehearsals in advance🙂

However, the energy of the group was simply incredible, everyone worked together as one. A big applause to each of the 250+ Bulgarian dancers who magnificently graced the World Culture Festivals grand stage on Sept 30th with audience of 1 million people. Well done everyone and you rocked it 👏👏👏👏

Behind this huge effort was an exceptional team that worked for months. Grateful to:

Irina Gotcheva – lead choreographer and leader of group @Horo- Chicago

Pepi Petrov and Marieta Mircheva – choreographers from Ludo Mlado Boston

Desi Jordanoff – Jerava, Washingotn DC.

Further kudos to Vereya and their choreographer, Konstantin Marinov. To Kiril Ketev and 101 Gaidi ( bagpipes). Тодорка Александрова and ensemble Bulgare from San Fransisco.

Special thanks to the musical genius, Georgi Andreev, for composing music that pulsates with energy and magic.

Desi Dobreva with her mesmerizing voice, and journalist-model Galina Petrova who held a special place, inaugurating our act with the traditional Bulgarian bread.

Heartfelt thanks our project manager Shveta Sharma – who did excellent job in keeping everything together.

Thanks to Konstantin Dragov, Sana- Alsbey-Dragova, Yani DragovSonya Dragova for their support all the way from Bulgaria.