Bulgarian duet Orlin Goranov and Kristina Dimitrova will perform in Boston

On Sunday, April 14th one of the most beloved Bulgarian duets
Orlin Goranov and Kristina Dimitrova will perform in Boston.
The concert will take place at the ACAS Center in Woburn.
We are happy to announce that the event will support the fundraising campaign of the Bulgarian Center of New England. Guests at the concert will be able to make donations in support of the Center.
More information about the concert is available at www.bgfocus.com/boston

What are the things we have to do About opening a polling station in Boston for the 2013 elections?

In the places where there is no diplomatic or consular representation, polling is formed subject to the agreement of the host country and not less than 100 voters willing to vote no later than on 11.04.2013 (30 days before election day).

How to declare their desire to vote on election voting outside the country?

By submitting an application in writing to the diplomatic or consular mission of the Republic of Bulgaria in the country.

This is done by written application form not later than 11.04.2013, signed by themselves submitted personally or by letter to the diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Bulgaria in the country,

To a polling station in Boston, applications must be sent to the following address:
Bulgarian Consulate in New York
121 E 62nd Street
New York, NY 10021
TEL: (212) 935 4646
Fax: (212) 319 5955

How to complete the application?

The application must state:

a) own, full name on the passport or military ID card (military only)

b) identification number

c) Address of residence in the country

d) permanent address in Bulgaria

e) the place where the person would like to vote

f) the signature of the applicant.

In one application may be entered only one person.

Please note the correct completion of the application, all the above data are required for the application to be valid and be recognized by the diplomatic or consular mission.

– Application form for voting outside the country to vote for MPs on 12 May 2013 (under Art. 44 para. 2 of the Election Code) in PDF format can be downloaded from HERE.

– Application form for voting outside the country to vote for MPs on 12 May 2013 (under Art. 44 para. 2 of the Election Code) in DOC format can be downloaded from HERE.

This model can be used for submitting an electronic application via the website of the CEC or e-mail the committee.

For more information, visit:

First Fundraising event for the Bulgarian center of New England

We would like to thank all the people who came to celebrate with us the Bulgarian National Holiday on March 3rd. We had a very successful event and due to the generosity of our guests, we were able to surpass our fundraising goal for the event of $10,000. At present, the donations made during the weekend amount to $15,823! The responsiveness of the Bulgarian community in Greater Boston was beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for supporting the Center and believing in this project!

We would also like to thank the performers at the concert who contributed to creating a joyful and entertaining event:

  • Bulgarian folklore dance ensemble “LUDO MLADO”
  • Bulgarian folklore singing group “OMAIA” accompaniment by the folklore band ZORNITSA, directed by the internationally acclaimed Tatiana Sarbinska. Performing Bulgarian folklore songs from the Pirin region in Bulgaria
  • Kosara Marchinkova, a popular Bulgarian pop singer
  • Borislava Borisova, singer and musician – piano, guitar
  • Nikola Petrov – singer, presenting Borislava Borisova’s music school
  • Alexander Stoyanov – piano, presenting Plamen Karadonev’s music school
  • Holy Resurrection Men’s Choir
  • Bulgarian School Theatre Group
  • Snejina Pencheva, singer and musician – piano, guitar. Popular folklore, pop, and rock songs
  • Elena Belin and DRAW to GROW Art studio for kids
  • Dimitar Semerdjiev, gaida
  • Master of Ceremony – Rossi Atanasova and Alexia Stefanovich

We would like to express our gratitude also to our food donors for the event:

Bulgarian Food Store Six Stars Market
Website: http://sixstarmarket.com/
170 Mains St,
Woburn, MA, 01801
Phone: 781-354-5746

Pini’s Pizza
Website: http://pinis-pizza.com/
85 River Street
Waltham,MA 02453
Phone: 781-891-6231

Cafe Trio
Website: http://www.mytriocafe.com/
12 Temple St, Rte 27
Whitman, MA 02382
Phone: 781-447-1064

Pizza Presti
Website: http://www.pizzapresti.com/
101 Middlesex Turnpike
(next to Staples)
Burlington, MA 01803

Perks Coffee Shop
685 Washington St.
Norwood, MA 02062
Phone: 781-762-5565

Website: http://bazaarboston.com/
424 Cambridge Street
Allston, MA 02134
Tel. 617-787-1511

1432 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446
Tel. 617-739-8450

We would like to thank all of you who made a personal donation at the event and after that! Thank you for your generosity!

Last but not the least we would like to thank to all the volunteers who put their energy, time and passion to make the event such a success!

Event and concert program:
Coordinators Violeta Jeliazkova and Rosen Dimitrov

 Coordinator Arila Barnes Team: Tsvetelina Lazarova, Zornica Ivanova, Yana and Kalina Weng, Adelaide Barnes, Dimitrina Lazarova, Rumi Pavlova, Irina Todorova, Mila Splavski, Ellena Dimitrova, Kalina Weng, Adelaide Barnes, Aidan Barnes, Iva Kalajdjieva, Maria Petrova, Radostina Rhein, Vesela Kovacheva, Kamen Vlasakov, Dragomir Dimov, David S. Flashenburg, Elena Belin and Draw to Grow Art studio for kids 

Finance: Coordinator Dragomir Dimov and Arila Barnes  Team: Kosta Ralam,  Miglena Peeva, Meglena Haydarova,  Lili Popova-Flashenburg, Arila Barnes, Violeta Jeliazkova, Sevdalena Lazarova

Marketing and PR: Coordinator Violeta Jeliazkova Team: Nevena Stoynova, Sevdalena Lazarova, Rumiana Pavlova, Mariya Krastev, Hatmeet Singh, Rossen Dimitrov, Alexandra Grashkina, David S. Flashenburg, Daniela Pavlova, Nikolai Petkov, Kaloyan Tanev, Aidan Barnes

Food:  Coordinators Sevdalena Lazarova and Peter Dimitrov Team: Radostina Rhein, David Rhein, Emil Vasilev, Nevena Stoynova, Ivan Stoyanov,  Mihail Samnaliev, Bogdan Ganev, Bogdana Ganeva, Radina,  Lili Popova-Flashenburg, Kamen Vlasakov, Otec Rumen Pelovski, Dimitrina Filipova, Tania Haralampieva, Violeta Jeliazkova, Snejana Dimitrova, Irina Todorova, Velin Nikolov

Hall and stage set up:  Snejina Pencheva, Pencho Penchev, Rossen Dimitrov,  Peter Dimitrov, Albena Dimtrova, Margarita Ivanova, Kaloyan Tanev,  David S. Flashenburg, Emil Vasilev,  Slavi Todorov,  Rossen Dimitrov, Peter Dimitrov,  Mihail Samnaliev, Radostina Rhein, David Rhein, Kamen Vlasakov, Violeta Jeliazkova, Kosta Ralam, Mihail Samnaliev, Svetlin Kolarov, Irina Todorova, Sevdalena Lazarova, Otec Rumen Pelovski

Thank you!

You can find more information about the center on the web site: bulgariancenter.org

Bulgarian Center New England – officially incorporated

In January 2013, the Bulgarian Center of New England was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Massachusetts. The filing of the documents was executed by David Flashenburg. The funds necessary for the incorporation and filing for the tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status were raised by the members of the Business, Marketing, and Fundraising committees.